Safety Awareness

Safety and Awareness

PDQ Tower Services, Inc. strongly believes that investing time, money, and research into our training program is simply a critical asset for our business. The importance of having a job done safely and efficiently is a top priority that equals added value to our customers. We take pride that our safety record is excellent. Our company safety practices incorporate the following:

  • We have a full time Safety Director that keeps our company current in the best industry practices, tools and equipment, and compliance with government regulations. This information is supplied to our employees in up-to-date safety manuals.
  • Each of our climbers are ComTrain Certified for tower rescue and practice 100% fall protection at all times. Site crew leaders are on site at all times and are responsible for the safety and health activities of all persons working on the tower construction sites.
  • Crew leaders conduct daily tailgate safety meetings. The Safety Director conducts weekly and annual safety meetings.
  • PDQ Tower Services has two on-site tower rescue certified instructors as well as a RF safety instructor. We have a 60' self-support tower at location for training purposes.

We provide our employees with current and accredited training and equipment to make sure every employee has the tools and the core base knowledge to make the best decision every time. Our goal is to ensure that projects are completed to specifications, on time without any compromise in safety and quality.